Green Writing and Research offers a variety of business writing, editing, and research services. We offer custom resumes that reflect your unique personality and skills. Our LinkedIn profiles will set you apart from the competition. We also offer editing services for books, papers, and business correspondence. Need web content? We can do blog entries, as well as traditional magazine articles. If you’ve always wanted an ebook for your business, but don’t have time to write it, we can help with that, too.

Let us give you a voice to tell your story–whether that is for a job, to promote a business, or just to share a little bit of you with the world.

Resume Preparation: Our custom resume highlights your skills and education so you are putting your best foot forward. We constantly research trends in resumes to  be sure you have the keywords needed to catch a recruiter or hiring manager’s attention. Don’t have the perfect experience for your job? Don’t be so sure! We look at job experience, life experience, and volunteer work to showcase the skills that match the industry and position you want.

LinkedIn Profile: A great LinkedIn profile makes the difference between fading into the crowd and standing out in your career. Let us help you find the perfect blend of personality and professionalism to showcase you. Trying to move to the next level in your industry? There’s a big difference in tone for an entry-level position and an executive one. Tell us the position you want, and we will research great profiles for that position and match your profile’s style to your target career goal.

Editing: Whether you need help with a paper as a non-native English speaker, have a novel you want fine-tuned, or something in between, our editing department can help you.

Research: To keep on top of changes in your industry, let us curate articles for you to read.Need information for an article, start-up funding, or just to satisfy your curiosity? For an easy-to-read overview of a new topic, we can create research report for you. Let us put you in the know.

Ghostwriting:  While not often considered,  a custom book or magazine article will give you recognition as an expert in your field.We can create one for you. You give us input on the topic, organization, and style of the piece. Once finished, it’s yours to print as your own.

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