Does Your Resume Take You Where You Want To Go?

One of Green Writing and Research’s specialties is resume preparation. We do them frequently, and unlike many resume services, we include an extensive interview in the writing process.

The reason for this added service is simple. Your resume can either tell a company where you’ve been, or it can tell them where you want to go. We believe it is much better to point at your desired location than to keep you in the same place when you want a change.

What’s the difference?

Let’s say you are currently a top salesperson in your industry. You now feel you have done all you want to do in the sales portion of your field, and want to go into training and recruitment. If you simply list your experiences, chances are good that your resume can get you a sales position. To move across to recruiting new talent, you need to revamp your resume. Did you participate in mentoring junior staff? Sit in on interviews for new hires? Take a class in assessing skills or other human resource-style courses? Maybe you gave a lecture on recognizing talent at a sales convention, or have a YouTube video series on sales techniques.

Highlighting these accomplishments will make it easier to get a hiring manager to see you as a seasoned professional with the ability to cultivate new talent rather than as the high-performer you are but not longer wish to offer. Be sure you have the accomplishments that point to training and recruitment up front, and your sales wins, no matter how big they are, behind them. It’s easy to keep people in the same boxes. You won’t be losing the value of your sales skills. Being a known success in a field is never a minus. Letting a potential employer know that you have the background to recognize someone who could be as successful as you were will instill confidence and respect with a new company. You will just be using your strengths to reach a different destination.

You must take the initiative to point people in the direction you want to go. A resume written with your goal in mind will help.


Author: teresaygreen

My mission is to facilitate life--help you to be healthier, happier, wealthier and more fulfilled in life. I am a licensed acupuncturist, professional optimist and improvement specialist.

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