Our Team

James Green


James Green is a writing professional with over 30 years experience in technical and creative writing and editing. He has experience creating and editing procedural manuals, informational brochures, textbooks, medical evaluations, poetry, and novels.

He has extensive experience editing text for ESL writers, including business letters, textbooks, and doctoral theses. His background in blind rehabilitation therapy gives him insight into correct wording for medical evaluations and submissions to professional and scholarly journals. He regularly creates and edits blog posts, promotional material, resumes, and other business literature.

His interests include old school science fiction, playing with words, and well-written fiction and poetry, including anything by P.G. Wodehouse and Daniel Pinkwater.

Teresa Yates Green


Teresa has been writing professionally since 1992, when she produced an employee manual while in college. Since then, she has become a successful acupuncturist and freelance writer. She maintains blogs, writes articles for wellness and lifestyle publications, prepares resumes and professional profiles for sites such as LinkedIn, creates brochures, business cards, and other promotional materials, provides website content, ghostwrites and co-writes for clients, and is preparing one novel for publication while working on two sequels.

Recently, she has begun to put her research skills to use for clients, helping them with career research, health issues, and providing background research for negotiations in business dealings.

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